Web Site Architecture coming together…

Some significant milestones reached…

1. Clarification of Login vs. Registration and its process flow.

  • Member Login button in right margin now takes you directly to LOG IN page.
  • Successful Login takes you to member Tools page
  • Registration is now a link to a JOIN UP page where PayPal is invoked.
  • Just above the BUY NOW button, is a slogan: By clicking Buy Now, you agree to the OMA Terms & Conditions with a link to Terms and Conditions page
  • Terms & Conditions is a separate page that is a sub menu item of the MEMBER menu tab. (See Terms of Agreement) page for completeness.
  • It is understood that the PayPal’s AutoResponder will send notification of payment
  • Proof of payment from PayPal’s AutoResponder will result in an email message to the new member with a link to the REGISTER page so they can provide: Username and Password.  Clicking Submit establishes the first instance of a new member in the Users data table and takes them to the LOGIN Page.

2. Rudimentary “Proof Of Concept” Search is now working

  • Member Tools page contains Member Search option.
  • Member Search takes you to SEARCH REQUEST page.
  • Example search for Instrument will take you to SEARCH RESULTS page.



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