New Online Features: Videos and Product Data

Two new features have been rolled out for the Online Membership App this month; Videos and Products can now be displayed on a member’s Promo Page.

The Video Display feature was inspired by the fact that one of our members, Ralph Hooper, posted a video on YouTube of one of his performances playing guitar and singing. It was decided that this would be a nice thing to show on his Promo Page.


Another feature came from the need to describe a member’s Product data when David Mench, started to include a lengthy list of his store’s products, Waggletone Records, under his Bio. We now have a much wider display area for a Products list to appears at the bottom of a member’s Promo Page. To add this data, we use this form…


Nothing like member needs to drive increasing functionality of our Online Membership App! Thanks to these members for their encouragement.

Another recent feature to be added was Goals information,  to describe what a member would hope to get out of belonging to the OMA, and for periodic review.

We heard from member David Mench that one of his goals would be:

to help ease frustration with trying to figure out how to do everything yourself when you have others to consult and brainstorm ideas

This is a great goal to put down – perhaps one of the almost intangible benefits I see to being a member of the OMA – a group that understands the merits of helping each other.

This sets us apart from other “groups” such as ReverbNation, where each person is out for themselves in a competitive culture with rankings, fan base and buzz building.

I would say we are almost the antithesis of facebook. We are not about carrying on idle comments or trying to attract attention with attempts to go viral. We are like one hand washing the other.

It seems everyone is very busy these days trying to keep up with mobile communication and juggle all the things they have to do; they may think they don’t have time to get involved in a group that could actually help their cause.

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