What People Are Saying…
“The Ontario Musicians Association is a loose-knit blend of both well-seasoned professionals and those just starting out in the business. But, in an age where genuine sincerity and concern for the well-being of it’s members has become almost cliche, this organization actually means to do what is stated in it’s mandate: To feature those in venues where they might not otherwise perform, to give a voice to the new and the somewhat seemingly obscure, in an industry that would appear to have lost it’s empathy and soul!”
– Mose Stephenson


” I joined the Association last year in preparation of an engagement at the  Midland Cultural Centre this past June.  It is a beautiful facility & I was honored to perform there. The engagement was arranged by Phil Harman who worked diligently in promoting the event by arranging local newspaper interviews,  and radio advertising just to mention a few things.   I enjoyed performing at the Hall. Lessons I learned for the future, even though I did have some mini 3-song CD’s pressed for this engagement, it would have been good to have had a full CD and some way of getting the songs out to the public. It is good to know there is an association in existence that is trying to help musicians further their careers. Thank you, OMA.”
– Jeff Moulton


“I joined OMA last year and I am thrilled with my membership. I am a musician, operate a record store and have an independent record label. The Ontario Musician’s Association is a group of musical minds and others acting as one. The more you utilize the easy-to-navigate website, share ideas, and communicate with other members, the more you and others will benefit from belonging. Please take the time to introduce yourself to other members and discuss what is getting positive results and what is not. I am from the USA and enjoy co-working with my Canadian friends!”
– David Mench (Dementia Precox, Waggletone Records)




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  1. Nice work “fellas!!!” Mose

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