OMA Recording Session for OD Music

On December 17th of 2013, OD Music was advised by the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra to contact the Ontario Musicians Association (OMA) to possibly identify musicians for an orchestral string section to record some parts for one of their current projects.


The project is called, “Solidarity for Syria” (SFS) and its objective: “To stand in solidarity with the people of Syria; to promote  human rights, peace advocacy, conflict resolution and humanitarianism on a global level.”

OD Music said in an email to us: We believe SFS would prove to be of interest to you. We invite the association to lend your industry resources, musicianship and musical talents to help complete the project.”

We were definitely interested, so OD Music sent us sample backing tracks. Here is their reference mix with “scratch” vocal.

By January 23rd, 2014, the recording was completed by OMA in Barrie, Ontario by Audio Engineer, Michael Jack, and shipped back to OD Music.

Leading up to that, we interviewed four local string players and hired them to record their respective parts, with professional sheet music supplied by OD Music’s Producer, Perro Grande.

The string quartet comprised: Ben Sirois (1st violin), Christine Tsernikova (2nd violin), Louise Martin (viola) and Alyssa Wright (cello).

A snippet of our actual recording…

Apparently, OD Music was quite pleased with the service they got from the OMA. Here is their feedback:

“We were impressed with the professionalism and transparent communications throughout the project. We were shocked at how quickly the group of musicians were brought together. Russ had an elite recording engineer, studio booked and 4 string musicians assembled in no time. He also gave us a breakdown of the production costs involved.
I was impressed at his negotiation skills to get the ensemble at a decent price. All in all we were extremely impressed. I now view Russ and the Ontario Musicians Associate as close industry associates. There is no doubt in OD Music’s mind that we will again be using the services of the OMA in the very near future.
It was an amazing experience. We thank you for your assistance.”

OD music’s original email request to the oma:

We are involved in the “Solidarity for Syria” (SFS) project led by Martina Buchal.

Martina Buchal of Canada won the competition Your Big Year and was thus selected to be World Merit’s Global Ambassador, representing the organization in 2014 while volunteering around the globe.  Her goal is create empowering places for dialogue and foster collaboration through conflict resolution and peace building. We believe SFS would prove to be of interest to you. We invite the association to lend your industry resources, musicianship and musical talents to help complete the project.

As you may know, there is an awful conflict under way in Syria. Thousands of people have died since the commencement of the bloody battles there- many of them children. Those who have survived often become displaced people – refugees. They live in circumstances we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. The World Merit community has shown dismay and we have all asked – “What can we do to help the people of Syria?” We can ask many more questions that stem from this: is intervention the answer? Is it plausible? These are all big political questions. We, however, are not politicians. Fortunately, we have our own form of power – we can raise our voices. Martina is proposing: we stand in solidarity with the people of Syria; let them know we are with them. We let political leaders know as well and make the message go viral.

Ontario Musicians Association, we ask you today to raise your voice with us. World Merit and OD Music are collaborating to create a special recorded musical production of Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World” to show our solidarity with Syria. We have generously offered our production studio for the recording and production services and will be working with a videographer to create a custom viral music video to complete the project.

We have many talented artists working on this track; we would be honoured to have an artist of your stature join the project. The hope is that with our voices combined we can create a song, a video, and a vision, for a more peaceful world. We truly hope that you will join us in this meaningful endeavour and would be more than happy to provide you with further details.




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