Bacharach To Beatles Concert

Videos from concert

(Thanks to Jim Stevens’ videography!)



Theme: Classic Music of Two Significant Sources of the 60s

This event is going to be like a “house concert” with a very cozy atmosphere in the spacious foyer of the beautiful MacLaren Arts Centre in Barrie.

Featured will be the wonderful music of Bert Bacharach & Hal David juxtaposed with the emerging hits of Lennon, McCartney and The Beatles as the British Invasion hit America.

Songs that were so meaningful in that period of the 20th Century included:

Don’t Make Me Over (Bacharach, 1962)

Close To You (Bacharach, 1963)

And I Love Her (Beatles, 1964)

What The World Needs Now (Bacharach, 1965)

Can’t Buy Me Love (Beatles, 1966)

With the talent of our performers, Amanda MacLeod (piano), Stuart Steinhart (bass), Lorne Pinkney (drums) and Russell Strathdee (saxophones), these songs will be given new life and a different approach from the original hits.

Amanda and Stuart have applied Reharmonization to a few of these pieces to render them more interesting, in keeping with today’s expressions of jazz. This can be regarded as equivalent to applying a new paint job to an old car. When you reharmonize a tune, you give the melody new color by changing its underlying harmonics.

This promises to be an evening of surprise and artistry, as the listener will identify with this culturally rich material.

MacLaren-RadioCafeRefreshments will be available at the gallery’s  (licensed) Radio Cafe.




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