It’s Official – OTF Grant Awarded

The Ontario Musician’s Association is happy to announce…

that we and a program we support under our “No Student Left Out” initiative have received an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant! 


No Student Left Out

Rhythm & Pitch,” a group music program created by member Sandra Ruttan for children aged 6 – 13 is offered through Grace United Church with the support of the OMA.

Thanks to a collaborative grant application, jointly submitted by Grace United Church and the OMA, the Ontario Trillium Foundation has committed funds to our program.

otfLogoThe Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

The OTF awards some $110 million in grants each year to more than 1,300 community organizations. That means over the next decade, OTF will invest more than $1 billion in Ontario’s public benefit sector.

The OTF cares about healthy and vibrant communities. As the largest granting foundation in Canada, they create significant opportunities for positive community change.

OTF funding will help Rhythm & Pitch…

to expand from one afternoon per week to two afternoons and from one “all ages” program to three, age-specific programs. 


Sandra Ruttan

For more information about “Orff Orchestra” for ages 6 – 10, “Wayward Winds” for ages 11- 13, or “Nifty Noises Percussion Ensemble” for ages 11 – 13, you can reach OMA member Sandra Ruttan via this site’s Contact page.

A portion of OTF funding…

will also go to the Ontario Musicians Association.  On the horizon for the balance of 2015, are at least two OMA fund-raising concerts. OTF Funding will assist us with advertising, promotion and costs of production.

Over the next few months, we will be inviting OMA members and musicians to prepare some concert music for these events.  Funds raised through the OMA concert series will go to the Rhythm & Pitch program, and will also help us become self-sustaining in future years of non-profit operation.


Russ Strathdee

For more information about OMA initiatives please contact member Russ Strathdee through this site’s Contact page.




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