Presentation of OTF Grant

Friday evening, May 8th at Grace United Church in Barrie, Ontario marked a very special event for the Ontario Musicians Association (OMA) and member Sandra Ruttan’s Rhythm & Pitch program.

Just before the start of a concert at Grace United by piano virtuoso Oleg Samokhin, Frank Steeve of the Ontario Trillium Foundation presented a plaque to Sandra Ruttan, founder of the Rhythm & Pitch program and JT McVeigh of Grace United in recognition of the $38,000 Grant recently awarded to them and the OMA.

OTF presentation IMG_3878 copy

L-R: Frank Steeve (OTF), Sandra Ruttan, Ann Hogarth (MPP Barrie) and JT McVeigh chair of Grace United Church

Most of the grant money will go to helping Sandra with much needed expansion of her Rhythm & Pitch program that gives free music lessons to children.

Some of the grant will also go to the OMA so that we can promote and hold fund raising concerts, and work towards self sustainability as a non-profit community organization.

Stay tuned for upcoming OMA concerts!

Many thanks to Joe Matyas for editing this video down to 5 minutes…

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