OMA Member: Penelope Morrow re. Jerome Godboo

One of the cool things about being involved with the Ontario Musicians Association is that you have a casual, kind of “family” affiliation with other OMA members who are into a whole lot of interesting journeys. For example, just today, I was playing a social event and one of our other members, Penelope Morrow happened to be there too.

pjm pic

Penelope has a talent for having big ears, eyes and ideas when it comes to attending events and, as a Freelance Writer, she has developed a real knack for being able to report very effectively on these things. Writing and reporting are two of her many passions.

This is especially good to know if you are a musician who wants to get the word out there about what you are good at, or you want her to cover an event where you are involved.

For example, check out this recent interview Penelope did with the great Jerome Godboo, harmonica player extraordinaire…

You can also check out Penelope’s OMA Promo  Page:

If you are in need of her writing talent, don’t hesitate to contact her. It will look good on you, and it’s all about the “buzz”.

Russ Strathdee



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