Cabin Fever Aftermath

It looks like a good time was had by all at our little show on February 27th. Not as many people as we had at the Harvest Of Music last October, but that is understandable, given that a lot of our friends are doing the Snowbird thing. We were also contending with Jason McCoy at the Central Collegiate reunion show on the same evening.


In spite of a smaller turn-out, we still raised nearly $1,000, which is wonderful and will help us to become self-sufficient going into the future to carry on this program, i.e. providing no-cost music lessons to kids after school.

Some Audience Comments and Photos

“I have to thank you for the great music and the concert yesterday, it was just wonderful. I wish it would be more of these concerts. Happiness comes in different ways, …I got it enjoying the music and the passion you put on it…” – Marita

It was a great night out and it’s always a pleasure to help support such a worthwhile effort. – John

I have to thank you, for the music, it makes me happy and happiness is not easy to get, but with the little big things – Marita


Cabin Fever fundraising concert. Russ with the Rupert’s Mountain trio. Lots of fun and amazing music. I enjoyed the music lots!!! Thank you. – Marita

Thanks for thinking to include us once again last Saturday. It was a
GREAT evening as usual. The people with us thought it was great as
well…..looking forward to the next one. – Ron

…it really was enjoyable .. tons of seasoned  talent  there with people comfortable in their own skin… the homey touches .. . not the celebrity high [roller] stuff is what made it real… like that lady who made the beans  and soup etc. – Fransi

Check our EVENTS page for previous and any upcoming concerts




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