Mission Statement and Goals

The Ontario Music Association is a non-profit organization that aspires to promote music events and the spirit of good musicianship through member interaction and mentoring, while sponsoring community programs that offer music instruction and support to young people.

We are committed to providing a virtual place for fellowship, and a platform for collaboration and assistance to musicians, music students and people in the community who share these values.


  • To build a music appreciation cultural activity centre
  • To create live music events such as concerts
  • To support development of music programs for Youth to challenge and encourage their creativity
  • To help growth of a rich and diverse music culture in the community


Near Term Objectives

  • Incorporation as a Registered Non-Profit Corporation.
  • Acquire corporate sponsors
  • Develop a pragmatic strategy to acquire a facility to use as a concert venue, teaching place, rehearsal space and recording studios.


Together we can help each other pursue our dreams

With your support we can help our youth to discover new roads to success!  Sponsorship opportunities are available.

We are member-goal-driven. We can assist you with questions you may have en route to achieving your artistic objectives.

The Ontario Music Association understands that musicians are like independent business people as well as creative artists and we are here to help you succeed.

We are here to help you connect in a community culture where members support each other in various activities such as:  promotion, lessons, playing in concerts.


As a non profit organization, holding fundraising concerts is one of our primary ways of “keeping the lights on” to cover expenses (musicians, poster and ticket printing, website,  etc.)

With no membership fees, we may from time to time need additional financial assistance, and the occasional Donation Drive is another way of seeking support.

Sponsor donations would, of course, provide us with substantial leverage, which we need to stay afloat beyond any grant funding.



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