Rhythm and Pitch


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Sandra Ruttan, who founded the Rhythm and Pitch program, is seen in the video below doing what she is very good at – providing grass roots musical instruction to some children in an after school setting.

Click here to watch a recent concert of Rhythm & Pitch.

Sandra is a member of the Ontario Music Association.notesLine


2015-06-06 19.19.45

Some children of Rhythm and Pitch performing a concert at the end of a learning term.

2015 rhythm and pitch flyer1 copy

For further information about this fun-filled gift to the community, you can reach Sandra via our CONTACT page.


Gary Blehm’s “Planting and Reaping”



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2 responses to “Rhythm and Pitch

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  2. The Rhythm and Pitch programs have been revamped for September, 2016, and all programs, including a new guitar program, will be offered on Wednesdays only. We will continue to offer the Wayward Winds Ensemble, Krazy Keyboards, and 2 Orff Orchestras for the younger children.
    You can see our end of year performance JUNE 4, 7pm, at Grace United. More information is also available June 6 & 8, from 4- 5:30 pm as we offer an Open House, or you can email rhythmandpitch@yahoo.ca.

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