Send us Attachment(s)

We have a private email address: you can use to send us attachments, up to 25 MB in size (using the paperclip option at the bottom of the message area).

For larger attachments, use our email address with this link: to send us attachment(s).

Do not be afraid of the Terms and Conditions. You can send up to two gigabytes of data or an unlimited number of digital files to us (and others). This basic Service *  (WeTransfer)  is completely free from registration and charge, thanks to their beautiful wallpaper ads.

Once you have uploaded a File, there is an automatic email notification that goes to both you and the Recipient(s). It is a confirmation message, with information and instructions on how to download the File.

* Do not opt for WeTransfer Plus, if you want to send an attachment at no cost.

WeTransfer transfers all kinds of Files. All File transfers between You and the designated recipient(s) (“Recipient” or “Recipients”) are treated confidentially. WeTransfer does not check, open or view the type or content of Files being sent, nor does it offer a search function, catalogue or listing to find Files that are available for transfer.

Uploaded Files are stored on WeTransfer’s servers for a period of 1 week/7 days or, if transferred through WeTransfer Channels, for a period of 4 weeks/28 days. After this period Files are permanently deleted to make room fornew transfers.

Each File can be sent to up to 20 email addresses per transfer,  and each Recipient is notified by their email.


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