Featured member – Paul Everett


Paul is a currently a music instructor at a Barrie music school. He has a web site that focuses on this: http://jazzgents.wix.com/paul#!home/mainPage

Everett is also a singer/songwriter who has teamed up with Olivia Lloyd in an acoustic duet, called  PJ & Oli.


The Barrie Examiner talks about PJ & Oli taking their brand of music to the street for the summer of 2015;  i.e. downtown Barrie, Ontario.


They will be performing at Celebrate Barrie Saturday June 13th  at the Arts Stage, Centennial Park South (near the parking lot), at 12:50 p.m.

The acoustic duo performs classic 1970s and ’80s Motown, funk and some jazz. Here’s a sample:

You may have seen this very refreshing duo at The Lazy Tulip Cafe, 29 Maple Street, Barrie.

The Ontario Music Association is proud to have such talent as Paul in our membership.

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