Online Membership

Not a member?

Some Benefits of Online Membership


Promo Page of your artistic talents is automatically created from your Information for others to discover


Search engine allows you to look up other Members. For example, “Who plays rock guitar near where I live?”


The Member List, allows navigation to other members’ Promo Pages so you can read their bios, listen to their video and audio, and contact them.


Links to other sites like facebook can be included on your Promo Page. You identify these links in your Musician Data.


Music Affiliate Search provides is like a Directory of Venues, Teachers and other resources


Future Features in the Works…

  • Group/Band Management & Special Interest Groups
  • Roster of charities and sponsors
  • Rehearsal space opportunities
  • Your own online event calendar
  • Newsletters
  • Featured artist of the month
  • Music instruction
  • Musician Industry Interviews
  • Booking Agencies

Some of these features may require Premium Membership


Learn how to network and get tangible results with the OMA. It’s like a community of artists helping artists.

Get promotional consultation, ideas and direction for your next event.

For all your promotional needs, Contact the OMA today!



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