Web Services for Bands & Musicians

Services range from free with a standard 10-20% revenue share to flat subscription and submission fees.

Band Booking:

  • SonicBids has been around forever and is still very useful for the right band to land the right gig.
  • Indaba Music is a newcomer that helps match bands with music industry opportunities, including shows.

Band Marketing:

  • FanBridge is an easy-to-use email and social marketing platform purpose-built for bands. These specialized tools are simple compared to
  • ReverbNation, which basically does anything you could think of in terms of band marketing.

Band Website:

  • Bandcamp for setting up a band website with your music, and allowing fans to buy it directly from you. Other honorable mentions include
  • BandPage,to create your band web presence
  • Bandzoogle – build your band web site
  • CASH Music  an open-source band website of interest to developers.
  • TopSpin offers a suite of widgets for band websites and social pages that accomplish pretty much anything you’d want a band website to do, with a focus on generating revenue.

Digital Distribution:

  • CDBaby.com for musicians who expect to sell a low volume over a long period of time, as their one-time fee of $50 for album setup and low 9% royalty rate. For those who want to target specific digital distributors,
  • ONErpm features low submission fees and no annual recurring cost. Finally, if you expect to net at least $100 in revenue from album sales, you might want to check out
  • TuneCore, which takes 0% of your revenue but charges a recurring $50 per year fee whether you’re selling or not.

Fanbase Management:


Music Lessons:

  • Bandhappy helps connect teachers with students to make lessons happen across web video connections or even in person.

Music Licensing / A&R:

Each of the above is a low-risk option to get your music licensed. Which one works best for you ultimately depends on the type of music you play, and your expectations for licensing fees and opportunities.





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